Tubing and Tubing Accessories
Tubing Accessories In this section you can find Air Guns, Tube cutters, safety fuses and self store hose reels.


Polyurethane Tube Sang-A polyurethane tube is made from high quality ether-based polyurathane. It is easy to work with due to it’s exceptional flexibility and close tolerance construction. This tube will not kink and may be used in negative pressure
(-750mm Hg) applications. The operating temperature range is -15C and 60C, the working pressure is 0-150PSI

This tubing is available in both metric (3mm - 16mm) and imperial (3/16” - 1/2”) O.D. sizes. more..

Polyurethane Self Store Coils Sang-A polyurethane coils are made from high quality ether-based polyurethane material. This ensures excellent abrasion resistance and good resistance to fuels and oils.

These coils are light weight, very flexible and extremely kink-resistant. Excellent memory characteristics allow these coils to recover immediately even if streched to the max.

The operating temperature range is -15C and 60C, the working pressure is 0-150PSI and the coils can be used in vacuum applications up to -750mm Hg.


Flexelene Flexelene is specially formulated, flexible, polyethylene tubing. The material is suitable for use in pure water, food, beverage and general purpose applications. It has good resistance to common solvents and other chemicals and is UV resistant. more..

Silicone tubing is very resistant to temperature extremes. This, plus its good electrical properties and ability to self-extinguish, makes silicon tubing an excellent choice for medical, food and electronic applications. Silicon tubing has a U.L. rating of UL94HB. Peroxide-cured silicon tubing contains no sulfur or other acid-producing chemicals, which eliminates the possibility of staining, corroding, or deteriorating materials it contacts. Used in low pressure applications. more..

PTFE PTFE tubing is resistant to most chemicals, has a broad operating temperature range (-250 to +250C) and is safe for food and beverage applications.

PTFE has the lowest coefficient of friction of any polymer and is the same material as used on non-stick pans.


Serto Jacoflon Hose

Jacoflon tube is PTFE tube surrounded by stainless steel braid. It has excellent resistance to nearly all chemicals, detergents and solvents and is UV and weather-proof plus resistant to ageing.

It has a high temperature resistance and is non-flammable. With an extremely low internal friction coefficient it has a very low flow resistance.

Completely non-toxic


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