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LINE 039 1/8" - 1/4"
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039 Precision Microregulator
Sensitive high performance model with rolling diaphragm; high stability with low
load losses and big flow rate.
* Downstream overpressures quickly eliminated.
* Can be wall mounted with ring nut for panel assembling or, on request, with
* Usable on version for air (with relieving and red knob) or for water (without relieving and black knob).
* Lockable safety knob.
* Pressure ranges:
      0-2 Bar, 0-4 Bar, 0-8 Bar (standard), 0-12.5 Bar
      0-0.2 MPa, 0-0.4 MPa, 0-0.8 MPa (standard), 0-1.25 MPa
* Maximum inlet pressure: 16 Bar (1,60 MPa).
* Temperature range: 5-50°C (41-122°F).
* Max. torque inserts G1/8” IN-OUT: 20 N·m.
* Max. torque inserts G1/4” IN-OUT: 25 N·m.
* Reference flow rate (P=6.3 Bar - Dp=1 Bar): 450 Nl/min.
* Weight: 0.100 Kg.
* Are available other two versions:
(FA) provided with a CONTROLLED AIR ESCAPE which is able to achieve highly accurate pressure adjustement.
(SR) provided with a FAST BLOWDOWN mounted between valve and actuator;
this device allows a rapid descharge when inlet pressure is stopped.

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